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Scoops 37 is a stunning, picturesque ice-cream parlour located at the heart of Southend City seafront.

With its eye-catching, tasteful decor, it leaves you no choice other than to head inside and indulge in the incredible desserts on the menu.

There are over 30 different flavours of ice-cream to choose from, including a wide range of Vegan options. There is even a doggy ice-cream tub for your furry family member to enjoy!

At Scoops, we are well known for our incredible premium milkshakes. We also have a variety of warm desserts available too, such as: hot donuts, waffles & cookie-dough. Top any of these with warm, melted, Belgian chocolate from our incredible chocolate tap.

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Sweet treats aside, we also have quite the selection of coffee's, hot chocolate and flavoured tea to choose from. We offer alternative milks too.

With something on offer for everyone, you can be sure to enjoy a quality dessert whilst you sit back and relax in our large seating area located at the front of the shop. There's no place quite like it!

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Scoops Menu

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Ice Cream

Cone or Tub

1 Scoop...£2.50

2 Scoops...£3.50

3 Scoops...£4.50

Add Extras

Sauces...50p Each
Toppings...50p Each
Deluxe Toppings...70p Each
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Scoops Sundae


Cookie Sandwich

1. Choose Your Cookie
Milk Choc, Double Choc, White Choc

2. Choose Your Ice Cream

3. Choose Your Topping


Cookie Dough

Milk Choc

Double Choc

White Choc


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Warm belgian waffle, paired with our premium ice cream. Topped with a sauce and toppings of your choice.


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Hot Sugar

6 for £5 or £1 Each

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Combo Shakes £6.00

Choose Your Favourite Snack For A Thick And Creamy Shake

Kit Kat
Kinder Bueno
Milky Bar
Ferrero Rocher
Mars Bar
Mint Aero
Chocolate Orange
Jammy Dodger

Scoop Shake

Choose 2 Scoops Of Our Premium Ice Cream For A Classic Thick And Creamy Shake.


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Savage Shake

Chocolatey Blend Of Ice Cream & Oreos, Topped With Whipped Cream, Brownie & Marshmallows


Hot Drinks

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Flat White...£2.60
Traditional Tea...£1.50
Green Tea...£1.80
Peppermint Tea...£1.80
Hot Chocolate...£3.00
Vegan Hot Chocolate...£3.00
White Hot Chocolate...£3.50
Deluxe Hot Chocolate...£3.50
Biscoff Hot Chocolate...£4.00
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Chilled Drinks

Iced Americano...£3.20
Iced Latte...£3.40
Iced Macchiato...£3.40
Caramel Frappé...£4.50
Vanilla Frappé...£4.50
Mocha Frappé...£4.50

Syrup Shot

Caramel, Vanilla or Hazlenut for 50p

Ask for our milk alternatives we offer.
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